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Let's work together to make your marketing as clear as possible.

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Craft clear marketing strategy

Focus on your strengths

If you are guessing about marketing I can guarantee two things:



You aren't getting the business you could be.

You aren't sleeping as well as you should be.

You need a strategy.
Guessing is not a strategy.


If you can't clearly communicate what your business does, you are losing money.

(It's just that simple.)

Your strengths might be in getting start-ups off the ground, building teams, and designing great products; but if it isn't brand messaging it's likely that...

  • Your customers are confused
  • Your teams aren't aligned
  • Your managers are frustrated
  • Your revenue is flat-lining
  • And you're losing sleep. 

Questions to ask about your digital marketing

  • Is your message is crystal clear? Do people understand exactly what problem you can solve for them?
  • Do you have a way to collect emails from potential customers? Do you have a lead generator?
  • Does all your digital marketing work together? Does your social media, ads, website, and email funnels work as one cohesive system?
  • Does it work while you're asleep? Is your process is automated?

❌ If you answered "NO" to any of these questions, you are not being as effective as you could be!

Here's the road map.

Create Curiosity

  • Story Branded Messaging
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Great Websites


  • Lead Generators
  • Email Funnels
  • Content Strategy

Grow Loyalty

  • Coaching
  • Analytics & Optimization

Click here to get my guide to implementing a marketing road map into your business.

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Imagine the difference clarity will make


A clear Brand Message means that everyone understands what your business is about. Once we have worked together, everybody from marketing to sales to customer service will know how to talk about the great products and services you have to offer. 

Happy Staff Alignment

Confident Teams

When you have a clear Brand Message, your team will have the language to speak confidently and consistently about your business. This is good for everyone.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Increased Revenue

It just makes sense that when you and your staff can clearly articulate what your business is about that your sales will increase. Potential customers will stop guessing and confidently purchase your products and services!

Happy Customer

Confidence makes all the difference!

Increased Revenue

When your marketing is written well and you know it, you can expect your revenue to increase. It eliminates a variable from the complex world of business. 

Happy Customer

Confident Teams

When you have a clear Brand Message, your team will have the language to speak confidently and consistently about your business. This is good for everyone.

Happy Staff Alignment

Less Stress

When you are confident that you have the right words to market your products and services effectively, you will sleep better. I promise. 


Who wouldn't want...

To know that their vision is being represented accurately.
Employees who feel confident knowing their script.
Customers who don't have to guess about your intentions any longer.

Who wouldn't want...

To know that their vision is being represented accurately.
Employees who feel confident knowing their script.
Customer who won't have to guess about your intentions any longer.

Thom Van Dycke Story Brand Guide
Story Brand Guide

I'm Thom Van Dycke

You solve a problem. A great big, important problem. It drives me crazy when people miss you because they don’t understand what you do, why you do it, and how that makes you different!

As a Story Brand Certified Guide, I have one goal, to help you clarify your brand message and remove any confusion about what you do.

The Story Brand framework has helped thousands of businesses of every size imaginable to bring tremendous clarity to their messaging by tapping into the clarifying power of stories. 

I have seen Story Brand work firsthand and can't wait to engage your business, brand, or non-profit to help you implement these principles into your business.

Check Out my profile at "clarify your message"

How We Work Together


Schedule a 30-minute Exploratory Call.

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We discuss a strategy that makes the most sense for your business.

Strategic Signposts

We work together to transform your business.


Prices and Packages

the "map"

Will your customers know that you solve their unique problem? 

The right words let your ideal customer know that they have arrived at the solution to their challenge. 

When we work together on your map, I will provide you with templates and guide you to master your own Brand Messaging Guide.

$750 for Three 75-Minute Sessions

A one-year subscription to Business Made Simple University is included with any level of coaching!

the "compass"

A compass adds tools to your messaging toolkit to help you reach your goals. If you aren't a confident writer, let's talk about this package! I write these tools for you and then coach you on their implementation. 

  • Discovery Session 
  • Brand Messaging Guide 
  • 1 60-Minute Implementation Session
  • 1 30-Minute Next-Quarter Check-in


the "Guide"

If you are looking for someone to do the heavy lifting for your company's marketing but can't afford to hire an in-house marketing team, then the fractional model is for you. Every business is different but the responsibilities of a CMO include:

  • Creating a Brand Messaging Playbook
  • Developing and implementing an over-all marketing strategy
  • Managing a content calendar
  • Being available for high-level meetings
  • Marketing one-off projects
  • Training staff to carry out the plan

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Kind words from great clients

For the past four years I have neglected updating our website and media marketing strategy because the task felt so daunting. I have often felt overwhelmed at the scope of what it entailed- hours on my part "supervising" the project. Thom sat down and listened to my desire of how I wanted our company to be represented and implemented it all.

Carla Loeppky | Hardscapes LTD
Thom is without a doubt a marketing genius. He has the ability to explain ideas and concepts in easy to understand language. Our corporation is very happy to utilize Thom's services.
Ray Petkau | CEO - Alpha Hockey Inc. NHLPA Certified Player Agent

Working with Thom took the complexity of marketing and broke it down so it is simple and easy to understand. He took the time getting an understanding of who I was trying to reach and what that client looks like and paying attention to the details about what I wanted to get across was essential, and he nailed it. I would highly recommend him, he is open to changes, was knowledgeable and listened to my concerns.

Jeremy Wiens | Realtor - Wiens World