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I help solopreneurs and small business design and deploy strategic service offers. 

The elusive ideal client

Are you building a business with your ideal audience?

Many successful business coaches have clients, but struggle to attract their ideal audience. The challenges are significant. 

  • You have to communicate clearly
  • You need to create content
  • You need engaging content

You end up throwing money at every “proven process” without any success.

It is a confusing and frustrating problem. 


clarity attracts

Transform your business with excellent strategy & exceptional copy.

Marketing agencies are quick to sell coaches on flashy assets and tactics.

None of those work without exceptional copywriting and brand strategy.


Your Brand Identity

By authentically embodying your brand, you establish clear expectations with your ideal audience, minimizing surprises and fostering a stronger working relationship.


Your Ideal Audience

You have an eager audience just waiting to learn from you. They need the kind of truth that transforms their business!


With Confidence

When you know your brand story and have qualified the leads booking time on your calendar, selling doesn't feel awkward or complicated.


Clear Marketing & Effective Strategy From Day One or Year 20

Marketing is an exercise in lifelong learning. It is exciting and challenging but takes an expert guide to make it effective.

For the new coach, starting with foundational brand messaging then building your website and creative content, together we will get the attention of your ideal clients to build coaching business you deserve.

For the expert coach, refining your messaging as you grow is essential to continue to attract the clients you love working with. 


Your story is the most powerful marketing & sales tool you possess.


Story telling is an ancient sense-making strategy. From the Hindu Vedas to the Dialogues of Socrates to the parables of Jesus, stories are powerful and effective to engage with an audience.

Your brand also has a story with a hero, plot line, villains, and victories. The better you become at articulating that story clearly and consistently, the less random your marketing becomes and the more strategic and relational it becomes. 

After 19 years as a pastor, I understand the power of storytelling. I’m putting that to work for my clients.

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Join a Growing Number of Success Stories

Guessing at what works, isn’t our strategy. Here are some kind words from clients who have seen the power of exceptional copy and content strategy.

  • Ray Petkau

    Ray Petkau

    NHL Hockey Agent
    Thom is without a doubt a marketing genius. He has the ability to explain ideas and concepts in easy to understand language.
  • Jeremy Wiens

    Jeremy Wiens

    Realtor | Wiens World
    Working with Thom took the complexity of marketing. He took the time to get an understanding of who I was trying to reach.
  • Suzanne Taylor-King

    Suzanne Taylor-King

    Business Coach
    When it was time to upgrade my offers and my packages, Thom was the natural choice. Not only has it upped my confidence but also my income!
  • Marlene Loeppky

    Marlene Loeppky

    Business Consultant
    Working with Thom was a dream! After he coached me through the StoryBrand Livestream I knew he was the person to design my website.
  • Raul Tirado

    Raul Tirado

    Business Made Simple Coach
    As a new BMS coach, I was overwhelmed with kick-starting marketing for my new business. Thom developed my business's brand identity and messaging.


Let's bring your wisdom to the world.

Your journey to marketing mastery starts with a 20-minute phone call.


Stage 1: Messaging

Get the words you need to communicate clearly.


Stage 2: STAGING

Put it into action to attract and inform your ideal audience.


Stage 3: SELLING

Use your brand messaging to invite your clients into a story of transformation.


Free Coaching for Coaches, Consultants, and Fractionals


Many coaches, consultants, and fractionals struggle to generate the leads they need to create a sustainable business. There's a proven process for everything out there, but at the end of the day the strategy that is relational wins. 

Check out Strategy Design Workshops and learn about leveraging your network for lead generation, how to write a clear, concise, and compelling offer and ultimately build the consulting business you have dreamed about. 

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