Trauma is a thIEf.

Let's reclaim hope together.

Practical Tools

If you work with individuals with complex trauma, being inspired is not enough! You need practical tools that work! 

Inspiring stories

We need stories of hope to keep us going through the dark night of the soul. 

Hopeful, Joy-filled

There is ALWAYS hope for all kids! And there is joy on the journey as well. 

Hopeless, helpless and overwhelmed.

That's how many teachers and foster parents feel as they try to help kids from hard places with complex trauma. 

Recovering hope for a child with trauma requires two things: 1) tools that work and 2) stories that inspire hope.

By far the best toolkit developed to help our precious kids is called Trust-Based Relational Intervention®, and I want to teach it to you! 

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What teachers are saying about My TBRI® Workshops

  • “The principles of TBRI have dramatically changed how I approach behaviour issues in that I aim to connect with my student before I correct. It helped me develop compassion and understand the need for it. The improved relationship with my students translates into success in behaviour and learning.”

    Heike Funk, Grade 4 teacher

  • "TBRI training shows you how to walk the walk of attachment theory. Its precepts are simple but highly effective. Thom is a great facilitator/trainer with a thorough understanding of course theory and a practical understanding of how to relate to kids. His personal anecdotes and captivating storytelling made the training material come alive and sparkle with humility, heart and humour."

    Michael Thiessen, High School Guidance Counsellor

  • "The thing I appreciated the most about TBRI is that it is a very human approach in dealing with people. The goal is to bring out the best in people and it focuses on that through building relationships. It embraces putting behaviour in its place as the behaviour of a symptom but not the person. It allows adults to get to the root issue and encourages growth."

    Andy Mead, Middle School Principal

  • "I attended the full day session led by Thom on Trust Based Relational Intervention. It was AMAZING. It applied to all grade levels and tied together a lot of the things we have been learning about at in-services; attachment, restitution, effects of trauma - yet it was hopeful rather than traumatizing. It was very applicable to teaching foster children."

    Participant at the 2020 Hanover Teacher Association In-Service

  • "Thom was very engaging and told a lot of stories from his own life experience which made the content very applicable and made the time fly! The content was backed up by research, made sense, and was very applicable to the classroom. I have been thinking about it as a parent and a teacher ever since.

    Participant at the 2020 Hanover Teacher Association In-Service

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