Ari's Awful Day / Mainer's Move


Ari's Awful Day/Mainer's Move is a story about kindness that overcomes differences. Mainer is the new kid in town and the only bear. (AGAIN!) Ari is the hockey star in town and just a bit threatened by the new kid's talents. Can they overcome their differences?

The book was co-authored by Thom Van Dycke and Jermaine Loewen and illustrated by Thom Van Dycke.

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This book was an Alpha Hockey Inc. project.

Storytime With Pastor Thom - Volume 1


Storytime with Pastor Thom is an adaptation of three short messages Thom preached to the kids at his church. Each story is very silly but meant to carry an important lesson.

  • Story 1 is "The Cure"
  • Story 2 is "The Lamb with the Lapis Lazuli Leg that got Lost (the leg not the lamb)"
  • Story 3 is "The Tragedy and Triumph of Twiggy McStickface"

The proceeds earned from the sales of this book will go to support our local Safe Families ministry.

Storytime can be purchased as an ebook or paperback at

What kids are saying about "Storytime"

  • “I thought all the stories were funny, but I liked the 3rd story because of the lesson. It makes me feel better about COVID-19.” Telysha, age 10
  • “I really enjoyed the stories and liked the lessons and how they gave lots of good information without making the reader force their decision but encouraging them instead to make their own decision.” Bennett, age 12
  • "These aren't just funny stories, they got me to think about what I believe" Sam, age 12
  • “The characters' names are hilarious. Pastor Thom has a crazy imagination" Ezra, age 10
  • “This is a great book filled with funny stories to teach kids like me about God” Seth, age 12